Fire Rated Doors

RIMCO manufacture’s a wide range of Fire Rated Doors, available up to 3 hours fire rating. RIMCO Fire Rated Steel Doors have been tested for fire resistance in accordance to Intertek Warnock Hersey Inc. to meet fire test criteria as defined in ASTM E-152, CAN/ULC-S104, UL10(b), NFPA-80, NFPA-252, UBC 7-2-94.  


Constructed using 1.2mm (18 gauge) thick vertical steel stiffeners welded to each face of the door at 150mm centers. Voids are filled with fiber glass or rock wool insulation .

45mm (1 ¾”) thick full flush construction.

Manufactured from cold rolled steel sheets or from galvanized steel  

Available in 1.2mm (18ga.) and 1.5mm (16ga.).

Vertical edges are interlocked, hairline seamed (optional).

1.5mm (16 ga.) deep end channels at top and bottom of door for lasting integrity.

Available with a wide range of glass and louver preparations 

prime painted